Details of events/News happening across Lancashire and Cumbria


The continuing issues of the corona virus is causing us concern. The  UK Governments advice is to stay calm, but take some personal precautions. It is a group decision for each of our community groups to decide on suspension or continuance of meetings especially for older people with existing medical conditions and to be able to be able to social distance of 2 metres and also follow government advice of no more than 2 people in a group. Looking after someone with dementia is now even more challenging but don't be afraid to ask your local council for support if you cannot get out to the shops for your food.

It is very sad for all those people who have died with the virus, but little attention is being given to the dementia population yet again and all the carers/family members who are looking after someone with the condition.

Our group remains under lockdown and no further progress is being made to enhance the community groups but the team wish you all well and stay safe

The project to develop a handbook of local services is currently on hold due to lack of resources. any further updates will be posted so keep looking 


We are grateful to DEEP and the Joseph Rowntree foundation and other contributors to DEEP funding for their help to finance the setting up of this network for people affected by dementia 2019