Details of events/News happening across Lancashire and Cumbria

September 2019

We welcome  the latest group to the network. Lyrics and lunch group based at Heysham near Lancaster which opens its door in October, we also note with gratitude that they are inviting people with dementia from a local care home, this sector of society often gets neglected and any activities would help those living in isolation.

Please spread the word! come and join us and make life just little bit easier for those looking for some form of support

You will also note we have no affiliation with the Alzheimers Society and have strong views on this national charity, which is why we have no links to them on our site. Having no offices or paid staff we rely solely on donations or small grants to keep our network running. We also do not promote the Dementia friends scheme which we have found to be non effective and often misleads those who volunteer to train to have knowledge of dementia! If you really want to know the facts ask someone with the condition or their carer and they will tell you.

We are grateful to DEEP and the Joseph Rowntree foundation and other contributors to DEEP funding for their help to finance the setting up of this network for people affected by dementia 2019