Details of events/News happening across Lancashire and Cumbria

November 2019 supplement

Lancashire and Cumbria deep are a network of community dementia related groups across both counties. Established in 2019 to harness and capture any group providing support or activities for people with dementia or other life limiting condition but always including carers and provide a listing in the network handbook (due to be published in 2020)

We are now seeking the following voluntary posts.

Position with Lancashire and Cumbria DEEP (voluntary)


Start date: asap

Review date TBA

Duration: 12 months

Reporting to: Steering Group executive

Hours of work: Flexible and as agreed except evenings and weekends or as discussed. You may however be expected to attend external group events or meetings. You will be responsible for any declaration to the Inland Revenue to declare any paid additional employment or expenses as a result of carrying out your duties. 

Main Duties

1. To oversee and govern all statutory obligations for the group: -

·       To work with the coordinator and other voluntary members.

·       To chair all meetings except closed founding members meetings

·       To administer the constitution of the group

·       To promote the group through social media, press or other media platforms and be the spokesperson for such information

·       To liaise with the group’s accountants and bookkeepers on any grants made to the group.

·       To contact members by email or phone to ensure members are complying with procedures or are in need of assistance

·       To attend external training courses if required.

·       To liaise with organisations the group work with and handle general emails or the project coordinator in his/her absence

·       To liaise with the steering group on ensuring its objectives are met

·       To maintain contact with deep nationally and be the point of contact


Confidentiality Clause

As part of your duties you will become involved with discussions about members and also be privy to discussions around grant applications, changes to the group’s constituency and other private conversations regarding management of the group.

Any information you receive or are party to remain strictly confidential and must never be discussed with any other members other than the chair of the group when appointed. By signing your agreement to this clause, you are accepting responsibility for the protection of this information. Members have statutory requirements (GDRP) to ensure their records remain private at all times.

Working with vulnerable people 

As part of your duties you may be working with members who have dementia or other life limiting conditions, the group has a responsibility to protect such people at all times and therefore it is a requirement for you to obtain a disclosure and barring form if your duties require you to do so. 

Grievance procedures 

If at any time during your voluntary post you feel there are issues causing concern, you must report these to the steering chair at the first opportunity. If I feel we have been unable to resolve these initially we may call other people (members) to act as advocates to ensure we resolve if possible, any disputes that may arise. You can of course give notice that you do not wish to carry on in post and I would advise you that you first discuss this the steering group chair and ensure the groups reputation remains untarnished and your efforts within the group are fully recognized. I would hope this would never happen, but please ensure that such difficulties should be resolved to mutual satisfaction. 

Health and safety 

Although you have responsibility for your own health and safety whilst working from home during your duties, you may be required to attend external events or meetings and you are advised to follow the procedures contained in the general rules book. As a requirement by our insurers, Zurich or other insurer, you must report any accident or injury as soon as you are able to record such injuries or accidents in the accident book. The group has full public liability cover and also accident cover, but to comply with HSE you must ensure you take reasonable precautions to ensure your safety at all times. Accidents in your home are not covered under this policy whilst working for the group and Lancashire and Cumbria deep are not liable as such. Please check your home contents for liability cover and also your car insurance for voluntary use

Please register your interest by contacting us by email:-


November 2019

We must apologies, but we are to loose our telephone contact number at the end of this month. This is in part due to lack of resources. Also we may be making significant changes to the network, we w ill keep you posted as it happens. Finally could you please pass on to those with dementia and the carers the need for keeping warm over the cold periods. 

You may be eligible for the warm home grant paid directly(credited to your account) from your energy supplier which is worth £140 towards your energy costs. Call your energy supplier to check your eligibility. 

If you are on certain state benifits, you may also qualify for the winter fuel allowance, you don't need to claim this as it will be paid direct to you or your partner if you qualify. Stay warm and stay safe.

September 2019

We welcome  the latest group to the network. Lyrics and lunch group based at Heysham near Lancaster which opens its door in October, we also note with gratitude that they are inviting people with dementia from a local care home, this sector of society often gets neglected and any activities would help those living in isolation.

Please spread the word! come and join us and make life just little bit easier for those looking for some form of support

You will also note we have no affiliation with the Alzheimers Society and have strong views on this national charity, which is why we have no links to them on our site. Having no offices or paid staff we rely solely on donations or small grants to keep our network running. We also do not promote the Dementia friends scheme which we have found to be non effective and often misleads those who volunteer to train to have knowledge of dementia! If you really want to know the facts ask someone with the condition or their carer and they will tell you.

We are grateful to DEEP and the Joseph Rowntree foundation and other contributors to DEEP funding for their help to finance the setting up of this network for people affected by dementia 2019