Details of events happening across Lancashire and Cumbria


May 2019

Well spring is finally here although the weather is very changeable at the moment. We would like to welcome the free methodist church from Carnforth who joins the network. they will be running singing events for people with dementia this October, details and times will be published soon.

Please spread the word about our local network, we need to find any groups across both counties that provide activities to people with dementia as well as helping them to have voice. 

April 2019 (Research)

What we do

Working closely with a range of organisations, DEEP has direct access to the valuable insights and experience of the public and professionals. We believe that sharing knowledge and participating in research can improve the lives of people living with dementia, family members and carers.


Dementia Research in Lancashire and Cumbria


There is a growing demand for new research about dementia, and a need to embed new knowledge from research into practice. To help people to keep up to-date with the latest research, the DEEP network provides information that shares the latest research and innovations about living with dementia.


MAC Clinical Researchare a healthcare organisation dedicated to developing new and improved treatments for dementia through clinical trials. With dementia research being now more vital than ever, MAC is actively recruiting for patients living with Alzheimer's disease. Every year thousands of people take part in clinical trials. These volunteers play the most important role in helping to find tomorrow's breakthrough medications. Without these participants there would be no advances in treatment options. Below is a video to demonstrate the experience of an Alzheimer's study as MAC. By taking part in a clinical trial you can make a real difference, and you can benefit in many different ways.

 To find out more about Alzheimer's research at MAC visit: or call  01253 444451.


There is a growing demand for new research into dementia, and a need to embed new knowledge from research into practice. DEEP aim to embed research within the network. Through a collaboration with several agencies, including the Join Dementia Research initiative, Lancaster University's Centre for Ageing Research, MAC Clinical Research and the Clinical Research Network, innovative research can be focused on issues that are of most concern within the community. We hope this will improve the lives of people living with dementia and their carers. DEEP aims to bring research to the community and ember the concept of research within our society.

March 2019

Lancashire dementia community welcomes the new freshers young onset groups that operate across the county. We also welcome  a new and emerging group from Cumbria run by a health care professional and also some individuals who have special interest in dementia. Full details on the community group page


February 2019

After months of planning the new network is officially launched this month full details can be downloaded here. This was a soft launch but as the network membership grows a party will be held to celebrate our arrival.

DEEP media release 06022019.pdf

January 2019

We are going to have a network party, no NOT an event! during  2019 for people carers/families or friends from our network groups details in the next few months.

We are grateful to DEEP and the Joseph Rowntree foundation and other contributors to DEEP funding for their help to finance this party for people affected by dementia 2019