Why should you join?

By joining the network your details will eventually be put into a booklet and shared with all GP's Pharmacies and other health centres across both counties to enable people who do not have access to the internet or other computer aids to be made aware of support local to them.

"Remember it costs you absolutely nothing to join and you can leave at any time if you wish"

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Who or what is DEEP?

DEEP stands for the Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project – it is the UK network of dementia voices. DEEP consists of around 100 groups of people with dementia – groups that want to change things. It is financial supported by several large organisations including the Joseph Rowntree Foundation,Comic relief and is hosted by Innovations in Dementia. DEEP itself is self managed by all the member groups

DEEP is:

  • a UK wide network – it connects groups to each other to magnify the views, hopes and intentions of people with dementia. It supports groups to share learning and skills and to increase confidence
  • independent – the network belongs to the groups themselves, not to any particular dementia service or organisation
  • diverse – it is made up of groups strongly rooted in their local communities, including some in care homes
  • rights based – it encourages groups to identify and speak out about the issues that are important to them(not only to be ‘consulted’ about issues that are important to others)