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Dementia Empowerment and Engagement Project(DEEP) 

Lancashire & Cumbria Network

Lancashire Dementia Community is the host for DEEP(LANCS&Cumbria Network). Our network covers Lancashire and Cumbria and its principal aim is to invite groups or organisations that directly provide support for people living with dementia and carers and families in these areas and help them to engage and have a voice to join the network as members of the wider community supporting people with dementia but promoting more local services than some national organisations do. 

The network is made up of a wide variety of local groups, some large some small, but all offering something local to you. Tai Chi,Social support,Knitting,Coffee mornings and a host of other services, as the network grows more groups will be added over time.

If you are already an established dementia group and wish to consider joining us please complete and online application form  and we would be happy to discuss this with you. If you are considering setting up a local group and don't know where or how to start, we can help by sharing ideas with you and if you meet the network criteria you may be eligible to apply through our network for DEEP grants when they become available.

You will still be an independent group and manage your own affairs and services, but we can all share our experiences for the good and for the people not just with dementia, but carers friends and families that are also affected.

We also hope to hold an annual party for your volunteers and people with dementia and carers to celebrate your achievements even if you help one person today with dementia to engage and lead as normal a life as possible we want to congratulate you

Remember we are local to you

The only network to truly represent local people with dementia